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What Is bikram Yoga ?

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room heated at 40° C . Heat favors toxins elimination and allows an easier stretching of muscles, and a deeper work on organs. Heat facilitates also stretches by avoiding muscular injuries.

26 dynamic poses (asanas) performed twice each, beginning and ending with breathing exercises (pranayama). These 90 minutes series has been scientifically studied in order that each pose prepares to the next one. A fast result on physical well being but not only..

Too often considered nowadays as a sport, yoga means union. It's because of the daily practice of breathing control joined with body exercise that we develop the necessary concentration to tranquilize little by little the swirl of our thoughts "chitta vritti nirodha", and find our personal achievment of our Self.

A regular and honest practice is a warranty of your physical and mental health .